SINOTRUK HOWO 4x2 141hp Garbage Compactor Truck

Mainly with small and flexible, good sealing, strong loading capacity and other main features, widely used in towns and cities, small streets, residential neighborhoods, parks, stations and other non-standard garbage cans garbage (such as if the skin box, bulk garbage) front-end collection.

Compressed Garbage Truck 20m³

Garbage truck is used for municipal sanitation and large factories and mines, used to transport all kinds of rubbish, apply to the transportation living garbage. By compressing and crushing the garbage, can greatly improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation.

HOWO 6×4 hooked arm truck

Hook arm garbage truck adopts full hydraulic control operating system, the garbage compartment and chassis can be completely separated, with reasonable structure, easy to operate, stable, high efficiency, good sealing performance, easy dumping and other advantages.

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