Tipper Semi Trailer

5 Axle Tipper Trailer

Made of high-strength steel, making it sturdy and durable when loading sand, small stones or rocks. The loading capacity is 40 tons, 60 tons and 80 tons.

Overturned semi-trailer

The top bar of side tipping semi-trailer is generally distributed evenly in the bottom of the cargo compartment in the shape of a word, with large lifting strength and improved lateral stability. Especially for the semi-trailer with longer cargo compartment, the side tipping type dump is more suitable.

24cbm 3 axles U Shape Dump Semi Trailer

Dump Trailers is used for carrying bulk materials. In this kind of trailers you can carry stone, wreck stones, sand and any kind of bulk materials. In Tipper Trailers there is a hydraulic cylinder applied by our company that works to lift the whole trailer we can made different loading capacities starting from 24 m3 up to 45 m3 as the costumer demand with different suspension types . We can offer customers different kind of Tipper Trailers solutions for their loads.
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