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You need to know a few tips on driving in the fog

You need to know a few tips on driving in the fog

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Early in the morning, when I went out to see, the building not far away seemed to become the mythical Yuyu Qiongge, looming and illusory.
After the winter, it is the season of smog weather. When the truck driver brothers are driving, they should be especially careful. Xiaobian sorted out a few tips on driving in the fog, I hope to help you.
You need to know a few tips on driving in the fog.
1. Driving at low speed
In foggy weather, because the visual distance is short, you must reduce the speed of the vehicle, and try to drive in the middle of the road to prevent collision with people on the roadside stopping the vehicles and waiting for the fog.
2. Keep the distance
Due to the low visibility in the foggy days, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient safety distance with the front car, in case the front car suddenly stops suddenly and does not respond well.
3. Cautious overtaking
When overtaking in foggy days, be sure to whistle in time when you have the intention to change the car in front of the car and whether or not there is a car, and bypass the low speed on the left side.
4. Avoid emergency brakes
Driving in the fog, you must stop the slamming or quick throttle and emergency braking, and rush the steering wheel. When it is really necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle, the brakes should be lightly pressed several times in succession to achieve speed reduction and prevent rear-end collisions.
5. Correct use of lights
Driving in the fog, be sure to turn on the fog lights, use the lights to improve visibility, see the road ahead and let others see themselves, remember not to use the high beam.
6. Timely parking
When the fog is too large to distinguish the road conditions, the high speed should be driven off at high speed; on the ordinary road, the car can be parked to the side, the low beam and emergency lights are turned on, the temporary parking sign is set, and the road is kept away to protect the personal safety. After a little better, go on the road again.
Driving in the fog must be cautious and careful.
At the same time, Xiao Bian warm reminder: temperature drop should be added in time to prevent colds; when driving, in the case of air conditioning, do not save, be kind to yourself.