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42000 Liters Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

Loading Capacity : 30000-50000liters Axle : 3 Dimension : 12000*2500*3800mm


3-axle Aluminum Tank Semi-trailer

30,000L-50,000L 3-axle Aluminum Tank Semi-trailer


Diesel, Gasoline, Chemical Liquid




12000mm *2500mm*3800mm (42,000L)



Aluminum Alloy





Tare weight(kgs):



JOST brand bolt-in/welded type 3.5”/2”

Landing gear

JOST brand two-speed manual operation

Tire size


385/65R22.5,425/65r22.5(Single tire)

Rim size

8.25*22.5, 9.00*22.5,

11.75*22.5, 13*22.5


Original BPW-12T/ FUWA-13T

Leaf spring

leaf spring / Airbag suspension

Brake system

One unit WABCO RE 4 relay valve; four units T30/30 spring brake chamber; two units T30 spring brake chamber; two units reliable local brand 45L air tank; two units reliable local brand standard coppery air-connector.


Aluminum alloy ø500mm(20”) manhole with aluminum alloy cover; with breather valve;

Discharge Valve

Aluminum alloy discharge valve with cover

Bottom Valve

Pneumatic control DN80 aluminum alloy bottom valves

Pneumatic Control system

1set Pneumatic Control combined switch

1unit emergency switch

Discharge Hose

2 units 3” X6M factory PVC hose with quick coupling on both ends

Vapor Recovery & Overfill system


Fire Extinguisher Carrier

2 units at the left of rear of tanker, include 2 units 8kg dry powder type fire extinguisher inside

Electric system:

One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable

We can build the trailers according to customer’s design and requirement



No Rusting
No Cracking
Better Fuel Mileage
Better Tire Mileage
Last Longer
GREEN product
Stronger and Tougher
Easily Repairable
Save Spending on Multiple Repairs
Lighter than steel

Light Weight = Higher Load Weight    

Aluminum tank trailers weigh on average 30 – 35% less than steel tank trailers. This means that you’ll be able to haul more with an aluminum tank trailer versus a steel one. The tanker volume can do bigger than a steel tanker under the same Road loading limited. Additionally, you’ll save money on gas when you happen to not be carrying a load



Competitive Advantage:
1) Divided into different oil products, chemicals, food, as liquid food truck, chemical liquid truck, insulation liquid vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, the asphalt transportation vehicle
2) External sandblasting processing of tank, internal anti-corrosion treatment, Outside surface adopts advanced polyurethane paint, beautiful appearance
3) Our company produces the Oil tank truck with advanced butt welding technology, after the forming of the tank high pressure gas leak detection, the tank has a high intensity, stable center of gravity, safe and stable vehicle characteristics
4) Shot blasting pre treatment process after welding tank, rust, paint adopts the advanced baking technology, durable and beautiful appearance. Independent sub positions
5) with all kinds of truck model, which can fulfill your requirement
6) the key parts adopt the world's top technology products
7) based on strong technical support and top level technology make the trucks with high quality and more reliable
8) competitive price, cost-effective
9) quick and efficient spare parts supply bring you more convenient
10) fast delivery time, we can arrange production according to your needs exactly and quickly
11) professional import and export dealing procedure, make customs clearance more high efficiency

Batch export of vehicles

Ocean Shipping

IN NUDEChina main port

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